Neurological healthcare in Edmond and NW OKC

Communities within the Edmond and NW OKC regions are lacking sufficient number of specialized providers to manage their health issues. Primary care providers are not able to provide the advanced care needed. The number of available specialized providers is declining especially related to neurological disease management. This vulnerable population is waiting 5-6 or more months to see a neurologist. Oklahoma was noted to be one of the top five states that will have the greatest projected gaps by 2025 specifically for people suffering from Alzheimers. It is projected that there will be less than 10 neurologists per 10,000 people for just Alzheimers alone (Neurology Today, July 2017.) The number of active neurologists in 2012 verses the anticipated need of specialized neurological care in 2025 was a near 20%  short fall, which increased from 11% in 2012(, July 2013.) Further, there are increasing numbers of advanced practice nurses and PAs serving as providers, but few with any neurological expertise to assist in the growing need of this vulnerable population.