New patient visit                               $350

Established patient visit/30 minutes  $140

Established patient visit/45 minutes  $220

Established patient visit/1 hour          $280

Direct Specialty Care Membership       $300/month

Available to patients with chronic conditions such as seizures, headache, neuropathy, dementia, neuropathic pain, and other neurological and medical conditions that require frequent visits to your physician.  Have a specialist evaluate and treat your condition with unlimited scheduled office visits and access to your neurologist and advanced practice nurse who specializes in neurological disorders. 

Rapid TIA work up                                         $350

Avoid costly ER visits and hospital observations. We'll arrange brain  imaging,  carotid ultrasound and echocardiogram within 24 hours. Your stroke risk factors will  be addressed, greatly reducing your chances of stroke. Services available off hours/weekends for added fee

Memory & Cognition Evaluation                    $350

Dementia screening available for patients with concerns of memory loss, behavior changes and difficulties with activities of daily living.

New Patient Medical Cannabis Evaluation    $225

renewal every 2 years - $125