Who are we?

We are a small "fee-for-service/direct specialty care" medical/neurology clinic specializing in all neurological disorders. No referral is needed, simply call for an appointment. Common problems we treat include dementia, stroke & TIAs, headaches, multiple sclerosis, seizures, neuropathies, and many other neurological disorders. We also treat common medical problems, ensuring our patients' general wellness. 

What is a "fee-for-service/direct specialty care" medical clinic?

Our clinic sees all patients, regardless of insurance coverage. We do not contract with insurance companies such as Blue Cross/Blue Shied, Cigna, United Health, Health Choice or Aetna. For charges on a fee-for-service basis, you pay at the time of your appointment for the time you spend with your doctor. Should you choose to become a member of the direct specialty care service, you pay a monthly fee, much like how you pay insurance premiums, but you are able to schedule as many visits per month with a board certified neurologist as you feel you need. Fees can be reviewed here.

Will my Medicare and private insurance cover my visit?

Yes. We accept Medicare and Medicare supplemental plans. For private insurance, you will be provided a receipt of your visit which you can then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You will be directly reimbursed from your insurance company depending on your agreement with them.   Lab work, medications and other procedures provided in the office can also be submitted to your private insurance companies, for reimbursement.  A health insurance clam form (HCFA-1500) can be downloaded here.